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1905 Ponty Vineyard

The Ponty family wine has been a treasure not known by many outside of France for more than five generations. The family has been producing wine in Canon Fronsac since 1905, when Victor Ponty, following his passion for wine, discovered the great potential of wines produced in the appellation. In 1905, Victor Ponty, born in a family of farmers in the French region of Corrèze, settled in Fronsac, a small village not far from Bordeaux, from where he starts commercializing wine with the help of his wife’s family, the Dezeix.

Ponty Family

Victor PontyIn 1925 Victor buys the Château du Pavillon in Fronsac and moves in with his family. Victor and Elizabeth have a son, Jean Ponty. Jean starts to work with his father early on and develops the company’s clientele in Normandy. Jean marries Jeanne Labegorre, from the Bearn region of France, and they together decide to buy the Château Grand Renouil in Saint Michel de Fronsac in 1938. Over the years, Jean and Jeanne have 7 children. The oldest son, Jean-François, gradually replaces Victor and Jean as head of the family company and in the winemaking process. He then brings on Michel, the youngest son, to learn the family business and share his passion for wine.

Michel PontyIn 1986, when François retires, Michel becomes solely in charge of the company. With his wife Nadine Couraud, he buys in 1989 a small but very well located estate that they rename Blanc de Grand Renouil. Always striving for the highest quality and never giving up to fashion, Michel continues to improve the reputation of the family wines. Michel and Nadine have 4 children: Vincent, Helene, Anne and Olivier. In the Ponty family, wine is a passion transmitted for five generations.

Always striving for the highest quality, every generation of the Ponty family carefully selects their grapes and spends the time and care to allow their wine to express its greatest potential. The Ponty family has always been very involved in the tightly knit Canon Fronsac association of winegrowers, bringing famous musicians to play in the middle of Canon Fronsac’s beautiful landscapes and helping to raise the reputation of Canon Fronsac wines that were so famous in the 18th century.